PowerBlock features creator of Driver video game franchise

Tuesday 20th, September 2011 / 10:15

The creator of Ubisoft’s original Driver video game franchise, Martin Edmonson, joins Courtney on PowerBlock this weekend to talk about Driver San Francisco, the next installment. Our sponsor Royal Purple is involved, and we’ll tell you how to unlock a limited edition Royal Purple Cadillac El Dorado that you can race in the game.

Martin and his team of up to 400 programmers spent 5-and-a-half years creating what Martin calls a tribute to all the great Hollywood movie and TV car chase films. The game features some of the most iconic cars from all our favorite car chase scenes with a realistic feel and handling to the cars. Martin loves muscle cars with tire smoke and big tail spins!

Look for Royal Purple in the game now on store shelves and check out PowerBlock September 24 and 25.

For more on how to unlock the El Dorado go to RoyalPurple.com and click on the Driver button.


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