PowerBlock fan pays tribute to his dad’s memory with fifth-gen Camaro build

When PowerBlock searches for a Gearhead of the Week, we often get long descriptions of project vehicles that we can’t always fit in the space we’re provided, but we definitely understand and appreciate your enthusiasm for your ride!

PowerBlock fan Tim Collette happens to be one of those Gearheads. “My passion for Chevy started pretty much when I was big enough to go out and shops and help my father with his race cars,” Tim said. Unfortunately, Tim’s dad was diagnosed with liver caner in 2010 and passed away before fulfilling his dream of owning a fifth-gen Camaro. As a tribute to his father, Tim got a 2010 Chevy Camero SS/RS to carry out his dad’s dream.

You can see the details of Tim’s ride right here: Gearhead of the Week

And check out the videos below.