Wooden Car?

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Check out PowerBlock May 12 & 13 as Courtney welcomes Tom Edwards and his very rare 1924 Hispano Suiza Roadster. This wood body torpedo was built by World War 1 aircraft engine manufacturer Hispano Suiza. After the war they built 12 of these wood bodied race cars- only 3 remain today! The body is made out of Mahogany and weighs only 166 lbs. It’s powered by an in-line 8 that makes about 130 horsepower. The underneath is completely wrapped in copper for better aerodynamics. Watch Tom pilot this 88 year old race car around the Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville track on PowerBlock May 12 & 13. For more racing go to FairgroundsSpeedwayNashville.com

AWD Camaro!

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Yes, it’s an all-wheel drive 1968/2010 Camaro. John Wargo from The Custom Shop in Flanagan, Illinois joins Courtney this weekend with his wild custom muscle car. In a 7 month build he took the back end of a 2010 and grafted it on the front end of a ’68 Camaro, performed a two seat roadster convertible conversion and added all-wheel drive. He dropped in an LSX Pace Performance 376 motor with an F-1 Pro-charger and Holley intake and Holley Dominator fuel injection system. It rolls on Forge Line, 3 piece wheels with Toyo Tires. The paint is Pro Spray Speed Orange and Brilliant Black with a tri-coat Pearl. Check it out on PowerBlock May 4th & 5th. For more, check out CustomShop.org

Green Mopar Envy!

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Check out the gorgeous ’71 Plymouth GTX Courtney shows off this weekend on PowerBlock. Owner Jeff Saewert pulled the rusted, neglected Mopar form a salvage yard in Iowa and handed it over to Troy Angelly of T/A Restorations in Eldorado, IL. They had a lot of body work to take care of; they stripped it and hand fabricated new quarter panels and trunk extensions, almost nothing was left untouched. They rebuilt the 4 speed 440 engine and drivetrain. The interior was brought back to factory-like new and the whole package was painted in PPG Sassy Grass Green. It’s a rare car because only 32 came with a sunroof, 327 came as a 4 speed. Plus Red Kap Vice President Chris Holcombe stops in with a new contest and shares some new “Red Kaptions” that you sent in. See it all on PowerBlock April 28 & 29. FYI: we are on one hour earlier on Sunday! For more check out RedKap.com

’67 Nova

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This weekend on PowerBlock Courtney’s featured ride is a 1967 Chevy Nova SS. Owner Al Gagnon got it almost 12 years ago and changed the color from blue to GMC Fleet Red Centari. He also updated it with a GM Performance Parts 350 with a 750-cfm Holley double-pumper and Hooker headers that puts out 360 horses. The car weighs 3000 lbs. He added creature comforts like air conditioning, cruise control, power steering, power ‘70 Chevelle disc brakes, a CCP mini-subframe and chrome trim. This is no trailer queen; Al puts on about ten thousand miles a year on tours and shows. FYI: PowerBlock airs Saturday & Sunday April77th & 8th one hour earlier at 10am ET.

’59 Imperial Speedster

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Murray Pfaff brings his amazing custom 1959 Imperial Speedster to PowerBlock. Murray’s day job is as a designer and owner of Pfaff Designs. He’s designed cars for Richard Petty, Sammy Hagar and “Hot Rod Magazine” to name a few. Now he’s built his own custom in a 4 year build and 10,000 man hours with a core group of 10 volunteer friends. Starting with a 1959 Imperial Custom Crown four door sedan they shortened it in 5 places for a total of 50 inches, narrowed it 8 inches and sectioned it 3 inches and made it a two door convertible. And all the work was done in a two and a half car garage! It rides on Goodyear F-1 tires and Dayton Wire Wheels with a gorgeous interior by PJ’s Trim Shop. The paint is PPG Envirobase Jaguar Topaz/Lamborghini Atlas Orange/Volvo Java. PowerBlock airs Saturday March 31 at 11am ET and Sunday April 1 at 10am ET. For more on Murray’s car designs go to PfaffDesigns.com

1930 Hot Rod

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This weekend on PowerBlock Courtney showcases an all-steel 1930 hot rod. The car was found in a shed in Shelbyville, TN covered in mud and rust. Owner Joe Swanson enlisted his son Charlie for the 5 month resto. Charlie is the owner of Charlie’s Custom Creations in Murfreesboro, TN. It took the team 4000 man hours to complete the build including a lot of metal fabrication to suicide and narrow the doors and chop the top 4”. It’s powered by a stroked and blown 304 inch flathead. The gorgeous leather interior was done by The Trim Den with Ostrich inserts throughout. The paint is House of Kolor Cinder Red with Orange Candy. Check it out on PowerBlock March 24 & 25. For more go info, check out CharliesCustomCreations.com

No Toy Truck!

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Is this not the coolest machine yet! Courtney invited MyPowerBlock.com member Dale VanDerMeer to the shop along with his 9 foot truck named “Tonku”. You guessed it, the maker of the smaller toy would not allow the use of the original name on this bigger version. Dale spent about 7 months fabricating the truck, starting out with the chassis from a ’92 Jeep Cherokee. He used 1×1 square tubing and 16 gauge steel on the bed with an electric scissors jack to get the dump truck bed action. He made the cab with 16 and 20 gauge steel. He kept the stock 4 litre 6 cylinder engine and driveline from the Cherokee. The tires are 39 ½ Super Swampers. The truck is 9’ tall, 72” wide and weighs in at 4,400 lbs. Plus this weekend Kevin Tetz will stop in to preview the 14th season of Trucks! starting in one week. That’s what’s on PowerBlock March 17th & 18th. For more on Tonku visit Tonku.Cruxtone.com

Olds 442!

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This weekend on PowerBlock Courtney welcomes Jacob Miles from Milestone Custom Paint and Body and a gorgeous 1968 Olds 442. Owner Mike Rosenhagen wanted a classic 442 ever since he rode in one when he was 7. Many years later he buys the exact one he rode in as a child! He turned to the team at Milestone who brought it back to better than new, including the Spies Hecker custom paint color they named Milestone Black Cherry. Plus Mike Galley will have a tech tip on how to trick out your ATV. That and 2 hours of how-to this weekend on PowerBlock, March 3 & 4. For more check out MilestonePaint.com

Paint Secrets!

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Master painter Ted Swan joins Courtney this weekend to talk paint! Ted will share his experience using Summit’s base coat/clear coat system and why. Cost is one, ease of application is another. The system offers 40 custom colors and they’re based on trends in the custom industry. The cost is low compared to a paint company that has to match thousands of factory colors. Summit has 40; including Gun Metal Silver, Pearl White, plain White, Hot Rod Satin Black, Orange Pearl, Red Pearl, solid color Reds, and even a Turquoise for someone who’s going old style. Plus we’ll check out this gorgeous ’32 Ford Coupe with a 350 smallblock and a 6-71 Weiand blower and polished aluminum Edelbrock heads. It rolls on Billet Specialty Wheels and Michelin rubber; 15’s in the front, 20’s in the rear. See it all on PowerBlock February 4 & 5.

PowerBlock Goes Electric!

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This weekend on PowerBlock Courtney features two Nissan Leaf all electric race cars! Ron Stukenberg, Senior Manager for Nissan Motorsports, brings the Nissan Leaf that won its division at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb and a NISMO Leaf RC. The RC stands for racing competition and it could be the future of racing. It goes zero to 60 in 6.8 seconds and only weighs 2000lbs. It’s 100% electric so there’s no emissions, no CO2 gases or noisy exhaust. The other Leaf is completely stock except for a rollcage, fire extinguisher and more aggressive tires and wheels. Off road driver Chad Hord drove it up the 12 mile, 156 turn course in a time of 14:33. The race finishes at 14,110 feet and higher altitude means less performance for an internal combustion car. But the electric Leaf had no loss of power. Check it out on PowerBlock January 28 & 29. For more go to NissanUSA.com/Performance