PowerBlock Report: Ford introduces Special Service Vehicle Package

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Ford unveiled a new package for the F-150, the SSV, or Special Service Vehicle package. It allows the 2013 F-150 to do more and is aimed at government, municipal and commercial fleets, Ford said via twitter.

Ford says there are no restrictions on F-150 optional content so that the needs of demanding, heavy-duty jobs can be met, from tires to interior conveniences.

Seating is 40/20/40, with center console omitted for extra in-cab space for special equipment or firearms. Also, a no-charge option package is available, and it includes a high-capacity 220-amp alternator.

To help reduce the cost of gas, the SSV will have the 6-speed automatic, with a choice of the EcoBoost 3.5-liter V6 or 5.0-liter V8.

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Is there such thing as too fast in Texas?

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A stretch of highway between San Antonio and Austin will have a posted speed of 85 MPH. Texas State Highway 130 was built to alleviate traffic for I-35. Completion of construction is expected to be finished by the end of the year. Texas Legislature passed a law last year that allowed for speed limits of up to 85 MPH on new highways determined to be safe enough. Utah is the only other state that has a speed limit above 75 MPH. What do you think, PowerBlock fans? Is 85 MPH too fast (if there is such a thing)?

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‘Rare Finds’ roll in to PowerBlock!

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This weekend on PowerBlock, Courtney welcomes Jerry Heasley, author of “Rare Finds.” It’s an amazing collection of stories of some of the most rare and exotic car finds in barns and backyards. Jerry has been writing a column about rare finds for over 23 years and his latest book covers everything from a Boss 429 being used as a doghouse in Mexico to a ’55 Ferrari 750 Monza Spyder that Phil Hill first raced, to the ultra-rare 1970-71 RTS Duster. Only 1 of 3 RTS factory show cars built, found in a parking garage in downtown Detroit. Plus we’ll check out Bill Rutledge’s beautiful ’48 Diamond T truck. See it on The PowerBlock June 16 & 17.

For more visit JerryHeasley.com

Volunteer’s Cadillac turns heads in PowerBlock’s parking lot!

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Search & Restore volunteer Chris Ryan of Ryan’s Rod & Kustoms has been showing off his 1948 Cadillac Convertible Custom in the RTM Productions (PowerBlock TV) parking lot, and we couldn’t help but notice!

Chris told us a little bit about his ride and how he got it. Long story short, someone he knew picked the up Cadillac to restore it, and as it was being transported, the truck, along with the Cadillac wrecked and fell off a cliff! The driver was ok, but decided the Cadillac’s damage was too much for him to take on, so Chris offered to buy it from him.

Chris did all of the metal work, paint and chassis work — everything except the interior. Check out some of the specs:

-RideTech (AirRide) technologies suspension with shock waves
-2002 Corvette LS 1 engine
-Multiple performance accessories
-Chuck Hannah Interior

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PowerBlock TV’s American Auto News: Was the 2015 Ford Mustang spotted? Also, what’s new for Dodge?

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Several online sources are reporting the rumors of changes to some popular muscle cars.


One online magazine reported seeing the 2015 Mustang, saying it will be the first to receive an independent rear suspension, and have a smaller and lighter feel. The 3.7-liter V-6 and the 5.0-liter V-8 will be staying, but there’s a rumor of direct injection for the 5.0. And for those of you who want more under the hood, the so-called Coyote V-8 will power the high-performance Mustangs.


No one knows what’s expected for the 2014 Dodge Challenger, but rumors are already circulating that it could be based on the “same DNA” as the Chrysler 300, meaning it could keep its same large size.

A new Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300 are coming for 2016 and 2017, respectively. The two will share standard rear-wheel drive and an optional advance all-wheel drive systems, as well as engines and transmissions. Each will continue to offer V6 and V8 engines (perhaps versions of the Pentastar V6 and Hemi V8).

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Driver’s poor speeding excuse lands him tickets for several traffic violations

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According to an article from Patch.com, a police officer clocked a man driving 100 MPH on a Minnesota interstate last weekend.

When the officer pulled over the driver and asked why he was going so fast, the driver said he was taking his passenger to the hospital in Minneapolis.

The officer asked the passenger if he needed medical attention. The passenger said no.

It was noted that the driver was also going in the direction opposite of Minneapolis (southbound) on I-35.

The police officer sited the driver for several traffic violations.

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What’s a Twincharger?

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When you combine a supercharger and a turbocharger, it’s called a Twincharger. (There are various nicknames, too.) The engine-driven supercharger and the exhaust driven turbocharger lessen each others weakness. The idea behind a twincharger is to take the best of a supercharger and a turbo charger to use them together, using the supercharger to boost the motor for low end torque, and and it runs out of juice, the turbocharger will take you through the finish.

See tips on superchargers and turbochargers here: 2 Minute Tech

Ford’s 2013 F-150 brings competition to Ram 1500

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The 2013 RAM 1500 will have a some competition this fall when Ford comes out with their 2013 F-150. During a meeting of the Future Farmers of America in Texas, Ford showed off the updated F-150.

Some of the changes Ford made to their best selling truck include a new Limited luxury package, and all trim levels received cosmetic changes to the front end and better connectivity inside. The MyFord Touch system will also be included in the four luxury models, a first for the F-150.

Ford says its turbocharged Ecoboost V6 engine will be available on more trims, as well as its 6.2-liter V8 engine.

New high-density discharge headlamps, more interior and exterior colors, and new wheels are also available.

Official specs on GM’s Silverado and Sierra models haven’t been released, but both are rumored to be lighter for fuel efficiency and have a new direct-injection V8.

Pricing will be announced closer to the fall.

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American Auto News Update from PowerBlock TV

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Ford wants to depend less on fossil fuels

Ford announced today that they’re teaming up with other companies to work on developing the use of 100% plant-based PET materials and fiber in their products in an effort to reduce the use of fossil fuels. Ford is partnering with Coca-Cola, H.J. Heinz, NIKE and Procter & Gamble.

GM introduces rear-wheel drive sedan

For the first time in 17 years, General Motors will introduce a rear-wheel drive Chevy performance sedan for the U.S. Market. According to the Chicago Tribune, GM has plans to sell a limited number of full-size sedans with a V-8 engine called the Chevrolet SS. It’s expected to reach dealerships in late 2013.

Who leads in sales for the month of May?

For the Month of May, Ford Mustang sold more vehicles than any rear-wheel drive performance car, beating out the Chevy Camaro and Dodge Challenger.

By the numbers for May:

Ford Mustang: 10,427

Chevy Camaro: 9,023

Dodge Challenger: 4,816

Though the Mustang was ahead for the month of May, they’re still 2,213 units behind the Chevy Camaro for the year.