‘Pulp Fiction’ Chevy Malibu recovered after 19 years

Not everyone knew that the red Chevy Malibu from ‘Pulp Fiction’ was stolen 19 years ago, but the car belonging to Quentin Tarantino recently turned up in Oakland, California.

According to NPR, a San Bernadino’s sheriff’s deputy saw two men taking parts off a car and questioned the men doing it as part of an “investigation of suspicious circumstances.” Everything appeared to be in order, and the car was found to be in the care of its rightful owner, NPR reported.

However, upon running the car’s VIN number, the deputy noticed there was another vehicle in the Oakland area with the same ID. The second car turned out to be the Chevy Malibu belonging to Tarantino.

NPR said that the present owner of the Malibu isn’t thought to be part of the theft and is considered a fraud victim.

No word on whether or not the Malibu is back in Tarantino’s possession.

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HAV R8 catches fire on the dyno

This HSV R8 caught fire on the dyno. According to the YouTube poster, the car doesn’t run on nitrous, nor did it destroy the motor. Apparently an injector o-ring failed, spraying the engine bay with fuel. Luckily no one was hurt, and the car was running again 30 minutes later.

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