Nissan issues recall over Altima’s spare tire

Nissan North America says a batch of Altimas manufactured from March 21, 2012-March 26, 2013 may have been sold with compromised spare tires that may be over or under inflated, or may fail without warning.

More than 123,000 vehicles could be affected.

Owners can take them to a dealer to be checked; however, most of you probably know how to check a tire’s pressure.

Consumers are expected to hear from the automaker starting May 3, and Nissan dealers are expected to take care of the issue free of charge.

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1970 Plymouth Satellite patrols Seattle streets

If you live in Seattle, blue lines approaching you from behind could come from a 1970 Plymouth Satellite.

The vintage car was recently restored after it was given to the Seattle Police Department by a donor in Nebraska seven years ago.

According to a story by the Associated Press, the Plymouth was supposed to be used as a community relations and educational tool, but Officer Jim Ritter said he began to notice that people were really drawn to the car. In one instance, Ritter said that gang members once approached him, “dropped their swagger” and wanted to talk about the vehicle.

“People will stop their cars and run across three lanes of traffic to get a picture of it,” Ritter said in the Associated Press story, noting that the vehicle has caused at least three fender-benders.

To make sure the Plymouth would be period-correct, Ritter and his friends had to do some serious research before starting the resto. Ritter said in the story that they had to look up getting the paint mix right, track down parts on the internet and find a siren rack.

The car puts out about 330 horsepower, and other than a modern radio, the inside was restored back to 1970. (It doesn’t even have air conditioning.) And Ritter even wears a uniform of that era.

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Gearhead’s Mazda Miata catues fire during engine start-up

23-year-old Shawn Price was working on installing a Chevy 350 in his Mazda Miata when it suddenly caught fire.

“I was super excited to start it,” he said. “I could not start with exhaust manifolds because they would not fit. I have to make my own. But aside from that, I mounted the car via modified subframe and hooked a house on the rear to keep the engine level.”

He said he hooked up all the fuel lines and gave it a go, but the engine erupted into flames, and Price suffered 1st and second degree burns all over his arm and leg.

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General Motors’ new trademark filings could indicate new variants of small block engines

GM Authority reports that General Motors has recently filed trademark applications earlier this month for four different small block engines — LT4, LT5, LTX and the L88.

According to their site, the application for the LT5 trademark could indicate that it could find itself in a new high-performance variant of the C7 Corvette, given its history, and the same could go for the LTX.

“While some may point out that LTX could simply be the umbrella name for the entire LT-engine family, we like to think LTX could be the name of some range-topping motor in the works, as X is so-often tied to something extreme,” GM Authority says.

The site also says to keep your eyes on the LT4 and the L88, because they could be used as a high-performance variant of the next-gen Chevy Camaro that’s set to come out in 2015.

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“Clutch” The Movie on PowerBlock!

Courtney gives you an advance look at the new car movie “Clutch.” It’s a true gearhead flick with more than 150 vehicles in it and more 70 of them are classic muscle cars. We’re talking $5.5 million worth of cars! It was inspired by the classic car movies like “Bullet,” “Two Lane Blacktop,” “LeMans,” and “Grand Prix.” Jay Rowlands is Courtney’s guest this weekend; he’s the writer, producer, star and director. He enlisted the help of his car club using a range of cars from a $750,000 ’69 Penske Trans Am race Camaro all the way down to an $8,000 ’68 Camaro stunt car. Jay plays small town racer Travis Engels who tries to find some shortcuts to victory lane and in the process puts himself and his closet friends at risk. “Clutch” is available on first release DVD and BlueRay and you can see some clips on PowerBlock May 4 & 5.

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Camaro vs. Mustang

A Mustang and a Camaro go against one another in one of the most talked about rivalries in motorsports.

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Hot Rod vs. Corvette

A Hot Rod and a Corvette go head-to-head in a drag race at the Toronto Motorsports Cayuga.

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