No Toy Truck!

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Is this not the coolest machine yet! Courtney invited member Dale VanDerMeer to the shop along with his 9 foot truck named “Tonku”. You guessed it, the maker of the smaller toy would not allow the use of the original name on this bigger version. Dale spent about 7 months fabricating the truck, starting out with the chassis from a ’92 Jeep Cherokee. He used 1×1 square tubing and 16 gauge steel on the bed with an electric scissors jack to get the dump truck bed action. He made the cab with 16 and 20 gauge steel. He kept the stock 4 litre 6 cylinder engine and driveline from the Cherokee. The tires are 39 ½ Super Swampers. The truck is 9’ tall, 72” wide and weighs in at 4,400 lbs. Plus this weekend Kevin Tetz will stop in to preview the 14th season of Trucks! starting in one week. That’s what’s on PowerBlock March 17th & 18th. For more on Tonku visit