New asphalt at Kansas Speedway blamed for NASCAR crashes during Hollywood Casino 400

The Kansas Speedway received a new layer of asphalt before this weekend’s race, and it has arguably contributed to some of the wrecks that took place before and during at the Hollywood Casino 400.

Last week, NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin clipped the rear of his car on the wall entering the first turn during a test drive at the Kansas Speedway. He was going more than 200 miles an hour, but was reported to be ok.

Driver Greg Biffle, who stood a good chance of winning Sunday, struck the wall during Sunday’s race. He dropped five spots.

Aric Almirola and led by several laps during the race; however, he, too hit the wall and his car lit on fire.

Jimmy Johnson also slid into the wall, though he was able to save his position in points.

Your probably saw that other drivers had problems, too, but check out the videos from wrecks on Sunday:

Jimmy Johnson

Aric Almirola

Greg Biffle



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