NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin crashes during test session of new Sprint Cup car

According to, Denny Hamlin wrecked between Turns 1 and 2 during a test session of NASCAR’s new Sprint Cup car at Charlotte Motor Speedway today.

Hamlin said in the story that his Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota was an old chassis from early 2012 that had been fitted with a new fiberglass body. “We’re running around here not letting off. The load is very, very high. So everything is under a little more stress. This is an old, old recycled car, too. There’s no telling how many miles these parts have on them.”

Hamlin was one of 16 drivers who participated in the open test session Tuesday and Wednesday, and though he got off to a rough start in the new car, he said that he was happy overall with the car.

“The cars drive better than they ever have as far as driver comfort is concerned,” he said in the story. “We’re below track record (times) in race trim right now … It’s fast. It’s really, really fast.”

The 2013 cars will debut in the February Daytona 500.

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