Man’s Nashville home struck by car for 17th time

From time to time, there are news stories that talk about vehicles running into houses and buildings.

But to have your house struck 17 times is far from frustrating.

According to, a man who lives west of Nashville awoke to a car that had driven through his home early yesterday morning. He lives across the street from a busy intersection and was awoken by the sound of a crash.

The intersection has seen many modifications over the past several years. A bigger stop sign, a flashing stop light and the word “STOP” have been printed on the pavement to help prevent any more accidents from occurring, but apparently, not everyone is getting the message.

(Just FYI: S.T.O.P doesn’t stand for Squeal Tires On Pavement. Not in this case, anyway.)

The man driving the car was arrested for driving on a revoked license and failure to show proof of insurance.
No one was injured in the accident.

We had trouble embedding the video in our blog, but you can check it out here: | Nashville News, Weather


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