Magnaflow Revolver aims to turn heads at SEMA 2012!


From our friends at Magnaflow:

The Revolver truck began life as just another 1949 Chevrolet Truck, now it is a legend in the making. The concept started as a napkin drawing done while waiting for a flight back to California by MagnaFlow’s Senior Manager, Richard Waitas. He was trying to solve the ultimate exhaust question: “What does it sound like”?

“What’s deep, what’s raspy, what’s throaty and what’s not is different from ear to ear. ‘Loud’ has many levels and characteristics. But with the launch of the Revolver Truck, MagnaFlow has found a way to provide an answer to the question” says Waitas.

When Waitas completed the concept, his first call was to the legendary designer and member of team MagnaFlow, Chip Foose. Between the two of them, the concept took on a life of its own and in a matter of days; Foose had an incredibly beautiful and problem-solving rendering. The next step was to find the best builder to take it to fruition. Waitas and Foose met with multiple shops before choosing the team at CW Restorations. From the very beginning, Foose and Waitas knew it was the right choice. While many shops would have taken the design and simply built it, CW Restorations became a piece of the story and helped take the Revolver to the next level – bringing it to where it is today.

Equipped with 8 rotating mufflers, the Revolver system provides a clear example of the sound changes without changes to the rest of the vehicle. In addition to the sound, the Revolver has a custom fabricated bed, distinctly rounded fenders and exhaust tips blended into the taillights. From the manifold to the tips, it is a one-of-a-kind build. But, the Revolver Truck is more than just a pretty truck. It is meant to be driven and tested! When the rotating muffler mechanism is removed, the Revolver still has a working system allowing it to both drive on the street and race down the track. Whether you’re seeing it for the first time at SEMA with the lovely Revolver Girl, Sabina Kelley or catching it at one of the shows around the country, the Revolver is a project you will not forget.


Build List

1949 Chevrolet 3100 Truck

  • Exhaust: Custom Rotating MagnaFlow Muffler System
  • Chassis: TCI Engineering Complete
  • Drivetrain: General Motors 6.2L E-Rod / Art Carr California Performance Transmission 4L65E
  • Brakes: Willwood
  • Body Modifications: CW Restorations
  • Paint: BASF Glasurit 90 line, color by Chip Foose in Sioux Red
  • Custom Interior: Bill-Dunn One Stop Shop



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