Kia Sorrento’s accelerator becomes stuck, puts woman in danger

Given the right (and safe) opportunity, driving fast is fun.

But for an Iowa woman traveling along I-35 in Missouri yesterday, it was a terrifying experience.

The 40-year-old was driving in a Kia Sorrento when the accelerator became stuck. The woman tried to call her husband first, but none of his suggestions worked, so she called 911.

Though the 911 operator was giving her instructions on what to do, nothing was helping. She was reaching speeds of more than 100 MPH.

According to, police said her brakes burned out and her gearbox failed, and she couldn’t remove the key because the car uses a push-to-start ignition.

The car traveled about 59 miles before coming to a stop in Iowa near the Iowa-Missouri border with the engine still running, the story said. Police didn’t know what caused the car to finally stop.

See the video below:


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