Japanese developer, Brave Robotics, masters real-live version of Transformer

After 10 years of trial and error, Japanese developer Brave Robotics has finally mastered creating a real-live version of a Transformer to offer to the public. And it doesn’t come cheap.

For about the cost of a used 2012 Camaro LS, you could own your very own version of something that resembles Bumblebee. (Translation: $24,000.)

The video below suggests that it functions as a robot and a vehicle, and gearburn.com says it’s operated by a PlayStation-styled controller. The robot also has fully-functional headlights as well as a Wi-Fi-enabled camera.

Should anyone be interested in ordering the robot (we’d rather use money like that to buy a Camaro), it can be ordered at www.braverobotics.com, and it ships in about a month.

Or if you want to take a look the video below to see the robot in action, it’s worth a couple of minutes to check out.

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