HorsePower upgrades an Olds 350 for a budget build!


Some purists say that the Oldsmobile was the first muscle car because it was the first mid-sized auto to get a V8 engine at the time, and you all probably know it as the Rocket 88. But fast forward to the late 60s, and America was introduced to the the 350.

Earlier this year, you probably remember that MuscleCar had a ’71 Cutlass with a 350, but it desperately needed to be replaced. Like Joe Elmore says, “One Man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” so HorsePower rescue it for a budget build.

Don’t miss this weekend’s NEW episode as Joe, Mike and John show you how you can double the original factory horsepower output on a 350, plus you’ll learn how to tune your truck hauler for better performance.

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