Ford Mustang 5.0 hits a Mustang GT, which hits a Corvette

Stop-and-go traffic isn’t the easiest to navigate, especially during rush hour traffic. It’s a “hurry-up-and-wait” situation, and the city with the worst traffic could be argued, depending on where you live.

You have to pay close attention to everyone around you, even behind you, because the flow of traffic isn’t constant, and you don’t know if the people around you are keeping their eyes on the road as well as you are.

Check out these photos of a Ford Mustang 5.0 that hit a Mustang GT that hit a Corvette. You can imagine the frustration of the drivers, as well as the words that were exchanged.

This is just a friendly reminder for PowerBlock fans to stay safe this weekend! We want you to come back and share with us your photos and videos of automotive projects, car shows and fun stuff you got done in the garage!