Ford, General Motors and Chrysler see pick-up truck sales increase

Wednesday 05th, September 2012 / 09:34
Ford, General Motors and Chrysler see pick-up truck sales increase

Signs of a recovering economy can often be seen by the vehicles that are being bought, and it appears that there is a glimmer of good news coming from Detroit.

According to The Detroit Free Press, each American automaker is seeing an increase in sales of its full-size pick-up trucks.

Translation: The rising demand shows that businesses need to replace aging trucks and feel more confident about the recovery of the U.S. housing market, the story said. With a better housing market, businesses will need trucks to haul crews and equipment.

The Ford F-150 has been known for years as the top-selling vehicle in America, but could there be an American competitor that could take over for the year?

Maybe not yet.

Chrysler’s Ram and Ford’s F-series each saw a 19% sales increase over last month, while General Motors’ Chevy Silverado rose 4% and the GMC Sierra was up 9%, the Detroit Free Press reported. Also, Toyota’s Tundra saw an increase of 68%.

Because of the increase of pick-up trucks being purchased, the total U.S. auto sales come out to 14.5 million, the best monly sales pace since 2009’s “Cash for Clunkers Program” the story said.

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