Dealership sells SUV to blind elderly man, woman with dementia

Tuesday 19th, March 2013 / 10:17
Dealership sells SUV to blind elderly man, woman with dementia

A man took his parents to a car dealership and had them sign for a $42,000 SUV at a Wisconsin dealership. It doesn’t sound so bad until you find out that the man’s father was blind, and his mother suffered from dementia.

According to CBS Chicago, the dealership’s manager says everything was done legally, and that the mother seemed fine.

The story said that the deal failed using just the mother’s income, and the father’s signature was needed, so the dealership visited the couple for the signature. The 89-year-old man was legally blind, on morphine and in hospice last summer when the couple was sold the vehicle, CBS Chicago said.

The father passed away three weeks later, before the first payment was made.

The son hid the purchase of the vehicle until he was busted in an unrelated criminal case, and that’s when the rest of the family discovered the purchase, the story said. The dealership worked with him to get his parents to pay for the SUV, even though the man wasn’t even a cosigner.

The story was part of an investigative story from CBS Chicago. Right before the original story aired, lawyers for the dealership called the station to say they regret the way the transaction turned out, and that they’re going to buy the car back and pay off the loan.

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