Could the 2015 SRT Barracuda rumors be true?

Tuesday 25th, September 2012 / 16:18
Could the 2015 SRT Barracuda rumors be true?

So far, there have only been rumors circulating around the internet about the possibility of a 2015 SRT Barracuda replacing the Dodge Challenger, and to our knowledge, no official word has been announced yet from Chrysler.

A few weeks ago, PowerBlock told you about one blog that said the Barracuda could be joining the Challenger as soon as 2014, but specifics weren’t know.

In the mid-60s, the Plymouth Barracuda was introduced as a two-door sporty compact car based on the Valiant. The Barracuda had the Valiant’s 106-inch wheelbase, as well as the hood, headlamp bezels, windshield, vent windows, quarter panels and bumpers.

(Fact: Plymouth’s executives initially wanted to name the car “Panda,” but the idea was shot down by the car’s designers. Good idea.)

Under the hood, the Barracuda was also similar to the Valiant’s, and included two of Chrysler’s slant-six six-cylinder engine, but the highest power option for the 1964 was Chrysler’s 273 cubic inch LA V8, a compact, light engine that had a 2-barrel carburetor.

The price of a Barracuda in 1964 was about $2,500.

There are some media outlets saying that Chrysler has confirmed that the Barracuda will be replacing the Challenger, but we don’t to jump the gun too soon on that announcement. However, back in March, “60 Minutes” did a segment on Chrysler, and believes they may have spotted a red sports coupe in the background that possibly could have been it.


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