“Clutch” The Movie on PowerBlock!

Courtney gives you an advance look at the new car movie “Clutch.” It’s a true gearhead flick with more than 150 vehicles in it and more 70 of them are classic muscle cars. We’re talking $5.5 million worth of cars! It was inspired by the classic car movies like “Bullet,” “Two Lane Blacktop,” “LeMans,” and “Grand Prix.” Jay Rowlands is Courtney’s guest this weekend; he’s the writer, producer, star and director. He enlisted the help of his car club using a range of cars from a $750,000 ’69 Penske Trans Am race Camaro all the way down to an $8,000 ’68 Camaro stunt car. Jay plays small town racer Travis Engels who tries to find some shortcuts to victory lane and in the process puts himself and his closet friends at risk. “Clutch” is available on first release DVD and BlueRay and you can see some clips on PowerBlock May 4 & 5.

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