Chrysler sees boos in Ram 1500 sales, thanks to fuel economy savings

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve highlighted some of the fuel-efficient technologies being placed in pickups to help give the vehicles more miles per gallon. Also, PowerBlock told you yesterday that the federal government announced new standards would require an automaker’s fleet to produce an average of 54 mpg by 2025.

American automakers are already getting a head start on those standards, and one company is reaping the benefits of helping consumers save at the pump.

Chrysler is seeing pickup sales growing faster than its other American competition, Bloomberg Businessweek says. Chrysler is making its 8-speed transmissions with smaller engines in the Ram 1500, which helps the pickup shed weight and save gas to yield a 21 mile-per-gallon average for city and highway driving combined.

“We’re looking at ways to ramp up production to keep up with current demand because the current truck is selling so well,” Fred Diaz, president of the Ram truck brand, said in the story.

Bloomberg Businessweek says the Chrysler Ram 1500 is the brand’s most profitable vehicle. Chrysler’s 28 percent U.S. sales gain this year is boosting profits and offsetting losses for its majority owner, Fiat. The story said that Ram pickup deliveries rose 23 percent through July, topping gains of 12 percent by F-series and 3.5 percent by Silverado.


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