Chrysler orders that 93 original Dodge Vipers to be destroyed

A community college in Olympia, Washington, was in complete shock when they received an e-mail from Chrysler telling their automotive technology program to crush one of the rare Dodge Vipers donated to them seven years ago.

The 1992 pre-production Viper at the school is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

According to, the VIN number on that specific vehicle is four, so it was the fourth one off the production line. Jay Leno was rumored to have wanted to buy it in the 1990s, but was turned down.

The car was donated to the school for educational reasons, but Chrysler has ordered the destruction of their entire educational Viper fleet, the story said.

There are currently 93 Dodge Vipers that have been given to schools and colleges across the country. Chrysler has requested that they be destroyed within two weeks.

Here’s a press release from Chrylser:

“Approximately 10 years ago, Chrysler Group donated a number of Dodge Viper vehicles to various trade schools for educational purposes.  As part of the donation process, it is standard procedure — and stipulated in our agreements — that whenever vehicles are donated to institutions for education purposes that they are to be destroyed when they are no longer needed for their intended educational purposes.

With advancements in automotive technology over the past decade, it is unlikely that these vehicles offer any educational value to students. Chrysler Group fully understands and appreciates the historical significance of the Viper and is very active in preserving many of its legendary models and designs for historic purposes however, none of these vehicles fit into this category. 

Chrysler Group has no record of any legal proceedings involving Dodge Viper vehicles donated to educational institutions being involved in accidents and product liability lawsuits.”

That would likely explain these videos: