MuscleCar: COPO Camaro 4-Speed Build

On a NEW episode of MuscleCar, learn how you can take the concept of a classic Muncie 4-speed and improve on it in every way, shape and form. Then Tommy and Steve show you a safe glass removal, floor panel prep and a great way to keep raw metal panels from rusting.

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Gearhead’s “go cart” packs V8

According to the YouTube title, they called it a “go cart.” But as one commenter put it (paraphrased), “That’s a … car with no body …”

Call it what you want, but here’s props to being creative and going against the grain to build something unique.

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1970 Plymouth Satellite patrols Seattle streets

If you live in Seattle, blue lines approaching you from behind could come from a 1970 Plymouth Satellite.

The vintage car was recently restored after it was given to the Seattle Police Department by a donor in Nebraska seven years ago.

According to a story by the Associated Press, the Plymouth was supposed to be used as a community relations and educational tool, but Officer Jim Ritter said he began to notice that people were really drawn to the car. In one instance, Ritter said that gang members once approached him, “dropped their swagger” and wanted to talk about the vehicle.

“People will stop their cars and run across three lanes of traffic to get a picture of it,” Ritter said in the Associated Press story, noting that the vehicle has caused at least three fender-benders.

To make sure the Plymouth would be period-correct, Ritter and his friends had to do some serious research before starting the resto. Ritter said in the story that they had to look up getting the paint mix right, track down parts on the internet and find a siren rack.

The car puts out about 330 horsepower, and other than a modern radio, the inside was restored back to 1970. (It doesn’t even have air conditioning.) And Ritter even wears a uniform of that era.

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Gearhead’s Mazda Miata catues fire during engine start-up

23-year-old Shawn Price was working on installing a Chevy 350 in his Mazda Miata when it suddenly caught fire.

“I was super excited to start it,” he said. “I could not start with exhaust manifolds because they would not fit. I have to make my own. But aside from that, I mounted the car via modified subframe and hooked a house on the rear to keep the engine level.”

He said he hooked up all the fuel lines and gave it a go, but the engine erupted into flames, and Price suffered 1st and second degree burns all over his arm and leg.

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