Ford, Chevy come out on top for International Engine of the Year competition

The International Engine of the Year competition brought awards for Ford and Chevy engines.

GM’s Voltec powertrain scored Best Green Engine, while the 999cc Ford EcoBoost three-cylinder earned the overall Engine of the Year, among others.

GM’s Voltec power train combines a 1.4-liter range-extender gas engine, two AC electric motors and a 288-cell lithium-ion battery pack. In the past, the Best Green engine has gone to Toyota.

At this time, the EcoBoost engine appears in Euro-spec Ford Focuses right now. It has two different power levels, 99 horsepower and 123 horsepower, but it can make up to 177 HPs. It was given praise for having no turbo lag. The 1.0-liter EcoBoost was given the best new engine, best sub-1-liter and best overall engine.

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What’s a Twincharger?

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When you combine a supercharger and a turbocharger, it’s called a Twincharger. (There are various nicknames, too.) The engine-driven supercharger and the exhaust driven turbocharger lessen each others weakness. The idea behind a twincharger is to take the best of a supercharger and a turbo charger to use them together, using the supercharger to boost the motor for low end torque, and and it runs out of juice, the turbocharger will take you through the finish.

See tips on superchargers and turbochargers here: 2 Minute Tech

AWD Camaro!

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Yes, it’s an all-wheel drive 1968/2010 Camaro. John Wargo from The Custom Shop in Flanagan, Illinois joins Courtney this weekend with his wild custom muscle car. In a 7 month build he took the back end of a 2010 and grafted it on the front end of a ’68 Camaro, performed a two seat roadster convertible conversion and added all-wheel drive. He dropped in an LSX Pace Performance 376 motor with an F-1 Pro-charger and Holley intake and Holley Dominator fuel injection system. It rolls on Forge Line, 3 piece wheels with Toyo Tires. The paint is Pro Spray Speed Orange and Brilliant Black with a tri-coat Pearl. Check it out on PowerBlock May 4th & 5th. For more, check out

1930 Hot Rod

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This weekend on PowerBlock Courtney showcases an all-steel 1930 hot rod. The car was found in a shed in Shelbyville, TN covered in mud and rust. Owner Joe Swanson enlisted his son Charlie for the 5 month resto. Charlie is the owner of Charlie’s Custom Creations in Murfreesboro, TN. It took the team 4000 man hours to complete the build including a lot of metal fabrication to suicide and narrow the doors and chop the top 4”. It’s powered by a stroked and blown 304 inch flathead. The gorgeous leather interior was done by The Trim Den with Ostrich inserts throughout. The paint is House of Kolor Cinder Red with Orange Candy. Check it out on PowerBlock March 24 & 25. For more go info, check out