Lakeville, Minnesota Driver flees police: Catch me if you can

No one likes getting pulled over.

And when you do, being polite and truthful is the best way to go. Whatever you do, no matter what you’re driving, don’t ever do what this guy did.

Earlier this week in Lakeville, Minnesota, an officer pulled over a guy and ran his license. When the officer returned to the guy’s car, he informed him that his license wasn’t valid.

According to, the driver said, “Catch me if you can,” and sped away.

The story said the police officer followed the man a short distance and discontinued the pursuit because the officer still had the man’s license.

The officer checked the area of the license’s address and found the man’s car abandoned a few block away. The vehicle was impounded, and the next morning, officers went to the man’s house and arrested him, the story said.

Tennessee woman drags cop, leads police on high-speed chase

A 36-year-old Tennessee woman trying to cash her check at a local business ended up leading police on a high-speed chase.

According to, police were notified that the woman had an outstanding warrant when she tried to cash her check. When police showed up, she bolted.
One officer tried to detain her at her vehicle, but she refused to get out. She put the car in reverse, dragging the police officer for a moment. She also almost hit a police lieutenant, the story said.

The woman led officers through three different counties. In the video posted by News Channel 5, you can see where 2 semi trucks caught on to what was happening, and they tried to stop her.

At one point, police also tried to lay down spike strips, but not even those could stop the woman.

She eventually wrecked her vehicle, flipping several times. She didn’t sustain any serious injuries but was taken to a local hospital.

See the video of the story below: | Nashville News, Weather

Dumb DUIs: 2 principals, a fighterfighter, and a man who drove into a garage

Man Drives Truck into Garage

A 28-year-old male driving a truck while under the influence crashed into a garage early this morning in Bakersfield, California.

It’s not the best start to the week for anyone involved.

According to, the man had two prior drunk-driving convictions and was arrested last month by the California Highway Patrol on suspicion of drunk driving.


Principals Arrested for DUI

An Alternative School principal in Clarksville, Tennessee, was stopped after swerving across three lanes of traffic on Ft. Campbell Boulevard.

According to, the principal was armed with a handgun. He was charged with suspicion of driving under the influence and possession of a weapon while under the influence.


In Orange County, Florida, a high school principal was arrested on charges of driving under the influence after failing a field sobriety test.

According to, the principal’s blood alcohol level was nearly two times the legal limit.

The principal was pulled over after swerving from the middle lane to the outside lane and almost hitting another car, the story said. She was asked whether he had been drinking and said that she had 3 glasses of wine.


Firefighter charged with DUI while using City Vehicle

According t, a volunteer firefighter was arrested and charged with DUI when he was pulled over in an SUV registered to the city of Woodruff in South Carolina.

The firefighter also faces child endangerment because there was a 16-year-old with him in the SUV, the story said.

It wasn’t reported why the firefighter was initially pulled over.


See more pictures of the truck that ran into the garage:


Vermont farmer runs over police cars with tractor

A 34-year-old farmer from Vermont wasn’t pleased after being arrested last month on charges of resisting arrest and possession of marijuana.

So, what does he do? Takes a tractor to run over seven police vehicles.

Now, we like “off-road vehicles” just as much as the next guy, but this wasn’t such a good idea. (A

According to, the man is facing seven counts of felony unlawful mischief and one misdemeanor count of unlawful mischief on suspension of damaging the cars.

Suspension? Sounds like they have a pretty good idea that he did it.

Chief Deputy Sheriff Phil Brooks told the Burling Free press that the damage was done to more than half of their fleet. They only have 11 cars.

The deputy did say they were insured, and the estimated cost of each car is about $40K.

“It was a massive tractor,” Newport Express Publisher Ken Wells told the newspaper. “It was four 6-foot tandem when on the back. … It must be at least a 15-ton tractor.”

The Burlington Free Press reports that the incident happened at about 12:40 p.m. near the new office for the Orleans County Sheriff’s Department. At this time, it’s unclear why the farmer would have done this.

Photo Credit: and Vermont State Police

Mercedes Benz CL Class crashes into 4 other cars

We see it time and time again. Someone drives a car that, perhaps, has too much power, and they lose control of the vehicle, causing an accident.
Recently, we’ve seen a Lamborghini strike a Ford Mustang GT500:

And a Lamborghini Gallardo hit the gas too hard when trying to make a left turn:

And then you have others who think they own the road, because they believe theirs is the best vehicle on the road.

In this video below, we see a Mercedes-Benz CL Class crash into at least four other cars. You see the Mercedes speeding down the road, passing others, (looks like illegally), and then, BAM.

Smart Car leads police chase … for a little while

If you were involved in a police chase, we would bet that the last car you would want to be in is a Smart Car. In fact, we could think of dozens of other cars we’d rather be caught dead in before being seen in a Smart Car during a police chase.

Police throughout the Houston area were led on a chase this morning when a person driving a Smart Car decided to evade.

Several officers placed the man under arrest without much trouble from the driver.

We’re not sure why he was evading police … other than the fact that he was embarrassed about what he was driving.

Drunk college students break into garage, steal potato chips

A gearhead who’s had his garage broken into feels his heart sink the moment he realizes what’s happened. Tools, vehicles, parts – a plethora of valuable things could have been stolen.

But when 2 drunk college students were walking home from a night of drinking, they decided to break into one woman’s garage and steal … a bag of barbeque potato chips.

Multiple Canadian news sources have reported on this incident that has gone viral on the internet. According to, a woman was awoken by her growling Chihuahua as the incident took place. When she realized that her garage had been broken into, she called authorities, who arrested the drunk college students with the potato chips in hand.
They’ve been appropriately nicknamed “The Barbeque Bandits.”

The chips were said to cost about $1 at the local grocery store; however, the charges and fines they’ll be facing will cost them much, much more.

See the video of one of the news reports as one officer tries to keep a straight face while he describes what happened.

Cadillac was stolen while kids were inside vehicle

Stealing someone’s ride is wrong, especially if their kids are in the vehicle while you’re doing it.

According to, two children, ages 5 and 6, were left in a car while their dad ran into the store.

As the car was being stolen, it was reported that the father didn’t call police at first. The store clerk had to call 911.

The children were found unharmed on the side of the road. According to the story, they let themselves out of the vehicle after it was abandoned by the car thief. (Guess the thief realized he was getting into more than what he had bargained for.)

Police arrested the father, and he was charged with reckless conduct.

It was argued whether or not he initially reported the kids missing. According to the story, authorities reported that the father said his keys were in the car. But a witness said that the father did report that his kids were in the vehicle, but his panicked state could have made it sound like he said “keys” instead of “kids.”

No word on whether or not the thief has been found or if there are any leads.

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Two police officers fired after speeding prank

We weren’t sure if we should put this under “News” or “Dumb Criminals” at first, but I bet you could take a guess at where we decided to categorize this.

A Florida law enforcement official was patrolling Highway 27 in Florida when she saw a car speeding through a construction zone. She turned her lights on, and the speeding car took off, going up to 90 MPH. The car was eventually pulled over, and the video shows the driver getting out of the vehicle, acting as if he’s about to run from the scene.

It turns out that the guy speeding in the video was a fellow colleague, who had another officer in the vehicle with him.
Both were fired, and the driver was charged with misdemeanor reckless driving.

Drunk nude woman rams boyfriend’s car

Someone’s Friday the 13th didn’t get off to a very good start.

A woman in Montana has been accused of driving drunk and ramming her boyfriend’s car, according to

When law enforcement officials pulled her over, one officer said she was naked and tried running off into

The 42-year-old woman has been charged with drunken driving and two counts of disorderly conduct, the story said.

No one was injured. The type of car that was hit wasn’t mentioned either. We figured the story was trying to protect the innocent.