3,500 Horsepower Camaro!!

3,500 Horsepower Camaro!!

This is one of the craziest Camaro’s we’ve seen! It’s almost TOO fast, if that’s even a thing! You’ve gotta see this Camaro for yourself!

BARNEY – 1900HP Purple VIPER!

BARNEY - 1900HP Purple VIPER!

We all love Viper’s because…well it’s a Viper! This Viper however takes things to a whole new level with 1900HP!! Listen to this thing..hear that? ..that’s called legendary.

Scary Drag Car Clutch Explosion!

There’s always a chance something can go wrong when you hop in a drag car. This video shows you one thing, a clutch explosion, that is exactly why safety precautions are put in place.

RV Drag Racing!

Want to see an impossibly slow drag race? Watch these RV’s!

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