1930 Hot Rod

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This weekend on PowerBlock Courtney showcases an all-steel 1930 hot rod. The car was found in a shed in Shelbyville, TN covered in mud and rust. Owner Joe Swanson enlisted his son Charlie for the 5 month resto. Charlie is the owner of Charlie’s Custom Creations in Murfreesboro, TN. It took the team 4000 man hours to complete the build including a lot of metal fabrication to suicide and narrow the doors and chop the top 4”. It’s powered by a stroked and blown 304 inch flathead. The gorgeous leather interior was done by The Trim Den with Ostrich inserts throughout. The paint is House of Kolor Cinder Red with Orange Candy. Check it out on PowerBlock March 24 & 25. For more go info, check out CharliesCustomCreations.com

Olds 442!

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This weekend on PowerBlock Courtney welcomes Jacob Miles from Milestone Custom Paint and Body and a gorgeous 1968 Olds 442. Owner Mike Rosenhagen wanted a classic 442 ever since he rode in one when he was 7. Many years later he buys the exact one he rode in as a child! He turned to the team at Milestone who brought it back to better than new, including the Spies Hecker custom paint color they named Milestone Black Cherry. Plus Mike Galley will have a tech tip on how to trick out your ATV. That and 2 hours of how-to this weekend on PowerBlock, March 3 & 4. For more check out MilestonePaint.com