Bank robbers led police chance in Volvo SUV

Multiple reports across the internet have been talking about an L.A. bank robber car chase that involved a Volvo SUV. We’re not exactly sure, but it could have been a XC70 or and XC90. The aerial pictures from the helicopter weren’t very clear.

Four people suspected of robbing a bank led police on an hour-long chase through downtown Las Angeles this afternoon (morning, technically, if you were on the West Coast) and were reported throwing money out of the backseat window. The media has nicknamed them the “Robin Hood Bank Robbers.”

According to ABC News, during the pursuit, people were seen running to pick up cash that was thrown from the vehicle, and even stepped in front of police cars to do so.

Two of the suspects were apprehended when a silver truck blocked their way, the story said. The two other suspects exited the SUV and fled the scene on foot.

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