An update on Xtreme 4×4’s Toxic Truggy

It’s been a few years since the payoff of Xtreme 4×4’s Toxic Truggy, and since then, we’ve had several fans ask what’s happened to the project.

First off, let’s get one thing clear — it HAS NOT been crushed. In fact, we would NEVER do that to ANY of our projects. (Now if anyone ever asks you that again, just refer back to this blog post.)

So, what happened to it? Well, after catching up with Ian earlier today, the production crew took a few quick shots of the modded S10.

As you can see in the photos below, we’ve kept it in the garage with some of our other Xtreme projects here at PowerBlock. Obviously, it hasn’t been crushed, though it did take a good hit from a tree during an off-road incident.

Oh, and Ian said he hasn’t decided what to do with the project just yet, so stay tuned …

Take a look at the video above. After shooting the payoff show, Ian had some more fun on the trail, but he didn’t realize the damage he had done after hitting a tree. This amateur video captures his reaction. Check it out!

Thanks for watching, PowerBlock fans!

Toxic Truggy 5

Toxic Truggy 4

Toxic Truggy 3

Toxic Truggy 2

It's been a few years since the payoff of Xtreme 4x4's Toxic Truggy, and since then, we've had several fans ask what's happened to the project.