All Terrain Stroller creates buzz around the internet

Wednesday 14th, November 2012 / 11:13
All Terrain Stroller creates buzz around the internet

When saw a pictures of this off-road stroller, we began to search all over the internet for videos, pictures, patents, ANYTHING that could give us more information about this unique (and awesome) baby stroller.

For dads on the go, especially Xtreme fans, this is certainly something you’d want to show off. When we showed it to Ian, and he agreed that it’s “bad a**!” claims that the photo below is an actual patent illustration for a potential ATS (All Terrain Stroller), and that the patent was issued in 1947. Considering World War II ended two years prior, we can see where the inspiration may have come from.

Unfortunately for now, these aren’t for sale, but they can often be found during off-road shows across the country.

In this video below, we found that there are competitive off-road stroller events, and relieved to find that these “racers” use only use dolls.

And this video we found just for fun.


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