ACSI reflects consumer satisfaction for automakers

Tuesday 21st, August 2012 / 16:26
ACSI reflects consumer satisfaction for automakers

More good news for the auto industry – Customer satisfaction is on the rise. A study by the American Customer Satisfaction Index shows us which brands are doing well, and which ones aren’t.

According to The Car Connection, the major points from this year’s survey found the following:

  • Lincoln came in at the top of ACSI’s customer-satisfaction list, with an average score of 90. That’s the highest score any brand has ever received, and it’s a full four points above Lincoln’s 86 from last year. However, as ACSI analysts point out, “The downside for Lincoln is that high satisfaction may reflect a loyal, but dwindling, customer base.”
  • Rounding out the top five, in order, were Lexus (89), Buick (87), Subaru (87), and Cadillac (86).
  • At the very bottom, we find Chrysler, with a score of 78. However, that’s an improvement from last year’s 76.
  • Also earning low marks were Dodge (81), Mazda (82), and Kia (82).
  • Even ACSI’s lowest-scoring vehicles still earned grades above the 79 average seen in 1995.
  • About 60% of the brands on the survey showed improvement over last year. Those brands were a good mix of American, Asian, and European marques.
  • Even though Chrysler had a couple of brands at the bottom, all three on the list showed improvement over last year.
  • Interestingly, Honda and Toyota — often considered paragons of quality — fell in the rankings.


You can see the entire ACSI list here.


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